Theas Essence is an ethical, radical & magical business creating beyond the gender binary self care products. All our products are gender fluid just like the entire UNIVERSE. 
Our products are made with ethically sourced natural ingredients for uncomplicated, high performing RADICAL SELF CARE.

In everything we do at Theas Essence, love, respect and gratitude for the EARTH, her blessings and resources are a priority. 
We are aware of our footprint and purpose on this sacred planet.
We use sustainable practices in every aspect of our business. From the ingredients we use, packaging to the way we treat every amazing being involved in the process of making our products. 
We offset our carbon footprint and take pride in being a carbon negative business. We don't use single-use plastic because we are aware of the negative and devastating impact it has on this beautiful planet. 
At Theas Essence we use our ancestral knowledge and wisdom to lead a sustainable and ethical life. Modern civilization has caused a lot of destruction and we don't want to be a part of the destruction, rather, we want to show people how we can still lead a life with having all the privileges while being in harmony with nature and the Universe. 
We source our ingredients ethically from nature and independent, small businesses around the world who follow ethical and sustainable practices. 

Thea is the Earth Goddess in Greek and the name is very appropriate for our business Thea's Essence, meaning, Goddess Earth's Essence.

We are also honored to be certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny Program. This means that us and the businesses we source from do not use animal testing and follow ethical business practices. 

Our products are free of toxic and harmful substances. At Theas Essence we strive to make our products accessible and our process transparent.

We traveled many countries and saw the need for products like ours and how most natural personal care companies/brands only cater to the gender binary or are racially biased.
As both of us (Samique & Edith) are fluid and care a lot about equality and self expression we wanted to create something that is nonbinary and doesn't bow down in front of the patriarchy. 
We believe in activism through identity and celebrate diversity in all its forms and layers. We honor self expression. Through Theas Essence we wish to encourage the world to do the same and cultivate a mindful and diverse community that is beyond gender and is creative in its expression. Equality, inclusivity and diversity is what we stand by and are hopeful for a world where all these things are celebrated and honored. Beauty and self care don't have to be WHITE and up to the standards of supremacist patriarchs. Look at the world around us - so diverse, beautiful and magical. We strive to make products that are empowering, diverse and represent all bodies and hearts. 

We are super proud to be giving back to the LGBTQIA2S+ and BIPOC Communities. We want our philosophy and values to shine with our business and we also encourage others to do so. #FTHEPATRIARCHY with us?

From our ingredients to our community, everything is MAGIC.
We draw our powers of creativity from the Universe, Goddesses & Gods to make everything at Theas Essence. Each ingredient is pure magic and a blessing. We're healers, magicians, witches and warlocks. We're eternal. We believe that magic is in everything and all of us are MAGICAL. We want you to experience magic by using our products and feeling empowered, loved and know that you belong.

We started working on Theas Essence in 2019 and launched it in March, 2020.
The essential oil blends, perfumes and essences that we carry in our store are formulated by Samique. They gained all their knowledge about essential oils, fragrances and perfumery from their late grandfather who was a chemist and perfumer. 
Edith is from Oregon. They grew up around people who are herbalists, have knowledge about medicinal plants and  alternative medicine. 
Our family consists of us and a little paralyzed Pug named Oc.
We are constantly working on more creative products for Theas Essence and how we want to #fthepatriarchy and go beyond the gender binary.
Thank you for being here and we really hope you love our products. If you have any questions and want to know more about us, please email us at connect@theasessence.com
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